January 01, 2014

My 2013 - A look back

My 2013 – A Small Summary and a Look back…
To begin with,
Top 3 Achievements
  • Completed Mini Marathon Race in ‘Chennai Marathon’
  • Gained 1450+ followers in Twitter and Published 3 Micro blog Articles in Vikatan and Kungumam
  • Leaving this third point blank.
Top 3 Incidents
  • WildLife Photography Trip with Rajkumar Annain Kadambur Hills
  • Invited personally by Writer/Blogger Vaa.Manikandan’s Nisaptham function
  • Organized a Short Story Contest in C2 Blogs
Top 3 Fights
  • Ilakkiya Sandai with Manavalan & Pari for Zero degree
  • Fights with Yuvaraj for Article on Viswaroopam and Valentine’s day
  • Fight with Pari in T.Nagar ‘Eagle’
Top 3 Personalities I met
  • Lathamagan Paramaanantham
  • Srinivasan, Royal Men’s Hostel
  • Arokia Anand Sekar, Cognizant
Top 3 People who impressed me…
  • Yamuna
  • Rajan T
  • Raj Kumar Anna, Wildlife Photographer
Best Moments
  • A Kiss from the kid Arshad, A New Member in my Family
  • Completion Steps in Marathon Race
  • Travel to Tanjore
  • Royal Men’s Hostel, Siruseri
  • Academy Life @ Cognizant
  • CVS Team (Satheesh, Bala, Masthan, Pavithra, Yuthistra, Arokia and Anbu)
Top 3 Disappointments
  • Anujaa
  • Yuva’s transfer to Coimbatore
  • Dropping off ‘Love alias Lone Vengeance’ Novel
Top 3 Books I read
  • Zero degree by Charu Nivedita
  • Yezhaam Ulagam by Jeyamohan
  • Exile by Charu Nivedita
Movies that Impressed Me
  • Moodar koodam
  • Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum
  • Viswaroopam
Top 3 Favorite Seniors
  • Sara @ Saranya Akka
  • Sabreen Safwa Akka
  • Murali Anna
Top 3 Favorite Juniors
  • Padma Saranathan
  • Kayalvizhi
  • Arun Kumar @ CVS
Top 3 Expectations in 2014
  • Become a Good Professional
  • Complete Half Marathon Race in 2 hours (21.1 km)
  • ******* *********
Favorite Bloggers: As usual, Rajan @ RajanLeaks and ‘Ash Aqua Girl’ Ashwini
Apart from these, Had a Lot, Learnt a Lot, Enjoyed a Lot and So on…
Let this 2013 be a Memorable and the 2014 bring tons of Happiness…
Nasrudheen Shah

July 08, 2013

One Team.. One Spirit.. One Win..!

One Team – One Spirit – One Win….

Do you know how a lion hunts for its prey among a herd? It observes them for a while from a distance, shortlists one and attacks, that is Why this post comes here today. I actually we, have been waiting for the right time to come.

So, everyone is unique. Like the five fingers of a hand, what if we put together as one? “The Fist” comes, a stronger one. That is what expected to come, and is called as Team Work. A collection of strong-minded individuals, who have learned to make up a strong team are almost impossible to beat.
I have never thought that I would step into such a team on April 18, when I entered Cognizant.

Yes..! My Batch is “THUMB RAISERS” – One Team – One Spirit – One Win!

We, 22 Associates, are from different States, from different parts of Tamil Nadu, and from different Engineering background and from different cultural background are united by a single word. “Cognizant”

It’s Bliss.

Let me Say, first, about our Monitors..,

To Begin with, The Captain of The Ship, Roger Prakash [288211], our Batch Owner is supportive and never let us down or alone at any circumstance. He is an admiring personality and a good Leader. he is the man with an energetic smile on face which makes us refreshed. Thank you Roger for leading us in a good way and thanks for all your help even when you at your difficult time. We are blessed to have him as our Owner.

Our Mentor, Karthikeyan, supprted, taught and gave us a Chance to know how a Business Unit would be; He taught us What to do and How to do. Really Blessed Again!

Here Comes the Coach.., Our Technical trainer, Kavitha Madam. One day, there were some associates from business unit came to address us. They saw our trainer and at once they are excited and said “Guys, You are Lucky to have Kavitha as your Trainer”. On Training days, we felt how true that is! She is the one who filled our empty mind with technical knowledge. She is strict but Compassionate, Lenient but Stern, Helpful and Friendly all the time. No More words I have...

Our Behavior Session’s Trainer Shanthi. She said Our Batch was quite special to her as she could feel some happiness and energy when she entered our room every time. We too felt the same. She taught Professional Etiquettes such a way that we may never forget!

Jeyanthi handled Cognorators session and to say about her, So Special, I have to repeat all the words that are said earlier... Behavioral Sessions converted us into professional whereas "Cognorators" taught us how to proceed, in cognizant by being professional.

In a Nutshell, (Thanks to Jeyanthi :) ), we are Glad that we got great trainers, so that “Not even a single session was boring and sleepy.”

Our Batch has gone to so many places in Chennai. Starting from Velachery Phoenix Mall, We went to Muttukadu Backwaters, Kovalam Beach, Marina Beach, and Mahabalipuram. Each and Every time the Co-ordination was awesome, we enjoyed a lot. If Kala Master sees our enjoyment, she would’ve said “kizhi kizhi kizhi”. Then Dinner @ Thiruvanmiyur, Sholinganallur, Adyar. Lunch @ Sholinganallur, Mahabalipuram etc etc etc.., We use to sit in the Open Auditorium infront of Cafeteria Daily at Lunch and we’ll come back together!

Team @ Mahabalipuram


Unity is Strength. The more we do want to be united, the less we call it done. Though it is unofficial to say, I hereby display the nicknames of our batch [Universally accepted!] Only to express how unite we are...

“Youth, Kavignar Padayappa, Renigunta, Don kutty, Maddy, Marma Nabar, Kattabomman, Happiness/Kili, Mayilu, Benz, Chellaakutty, Thala, Dubru Chetta, Ghosal, Fox, Komban, Sathishananadha, Mahe, Aaththaa and so on”

Out Reach:

Is Entertainment and Enjoyment Enough???

We need an Ace in the hole! We called on Annai Illam, A Homage for at-risk and orphaned Children and Old Age People, in Kottivakkam; A New World for us where we had seen what life is. They are not Orphans or at-risk people. They loved everyone. They loved us. We loved them. They are relatives to each other. They are relatives to God! We had a Great time there. We made them Laugh, Dance, Sing and Enjoy.

Also we helped them by lending a hand to fulfill their basic needs.

That was the Happiest day in Our Batch; One of the happiest days in our Life.

I could write about each and everyone in the Batch...

Creativity and Enthusiasm:

We have a football Champ, A Chess Champ, Some Coolest Guys, Fruitful Readers, Kind hearted People. And So on...
Let me List out some of the Articles by Our batch mates in C2...
Jagan Raj’s Life in Chess, Invincible Fox’s Love Stories, Pari’s Experiences with the Rain, Benjamin’s Journey, Manikanda Prabhu’s Drive are some creative Articles in Company Blog.

And My Experiences is  in “Just a Way to Express”, That is where you are now...

One Day, I had a chat with some friends. They Said and I quote “Academy life is a Promising Period” I make a small correction “Our Thumb Raisers Life, here, in two Months, is One of the Most Promising Periods Ever”

July 5th, 2013, we are  released from the Batch and That Explains why the First Para is included! Yes! This is the Right time to Express.
Everyone speaks Parting Words at the End but we dont because

Parting Words are only for those who part or depart... Not for us...

We are One Team... We have One Spirit... we made One Win...

May 01, 2013

From 'Associates' to a 'Team' and to 'Friends'

I felt of writing this at the moment we formed a team. I've never written about a person or people. But this is my team and I'm a part of it and i'm glad that I write about it. 

Never doubt that a small group of thought, committed people can make wonders. Indeed, it is the only thing that has!

Such a thoughtful and committed team was formed on April 30, 2013 in First Act Workshop!

Fire Balls Production Team 

Fire Balls Production Team.

14 of us were made into a team. A team that has to give a street play about a theme. We had a Producer, Music Director, Art Director, script writer, Stunt/Choreographer, Actors, Actress and of course a director.

The producer was told a theme and a method by the admin team on which we’ve to make a play. We were asked to get approval from the producer. Our Producer was Gayathri. A good leader; may be a perfect one who never revealed the concept and made us to find it. Each and every time we make a concept; she rejected, refined the concept and sent us back till we bring out the correct theme. Her loyalty and her plan to pull us on the topic were remarkable.

I specially want to mention Shailenthrri; Shailu in short, about her dedication as a Screenplay and script writer.

Before being glad about her role, I would like to specify my role. I am the director of the play.

I was said to lead the team and I was responsible for everything. As I wrote Once, The word “Leadership” triggers a variety of meanings in each individual varying from the contributions made by heroes from the pages of history to simple acts of heroism displayed in routine and mundane affairs encountered in daily lives. Truly it is often misunderstood than understood by most individuals. This often leaves a vague impression on what Leadership is and one is often unclear as to what it entails in their respective area of influence especially at workplaces. Being a lead is not that easy that too for a team which you are not familiar with. I managed though.

I like to quote Franklin D. Roosevelt “People acting together as a team can accomplish which no individual could ever hope to bring about”. So, we decided to move on as a team, and we did it!

Our theme was CHILD LABOUR and the Method was Mime!

Coming back to Shailu, Her dedication in carrying out the script, keen in picking up the music, forbearance in accepting ideas and interactions with the team were awesome. And the Main attraction is the presence of mind in Narration. She didn’t prepare the words or phrases to be said but only the script paper. I stood next to her in the play and for every narration she was getting a word from me whether she was right or wrong. And I never used the latter word. As she was always correct!

We lacked in Time Management, as we took a long time in getting the producer’s approval, framing a trailer, building the screenplay and of course Lunch, so that we had no time to rehearse. We planned to go on with an on stage live performance! I believed each and everyone in the team and they, we did it!

The lead role was a child and Sathish did the role. Initially he was a music director and he chose to be a child as Yaswant and Shailu looked after the music department. I can simply say a word for him ‘Extra-ordinary’ acting. Even the organizer appreciated his performance.

A mime, where action speaks, needs a special work in Art direction. Our Art director is Padmajaa. She did a fabulous work in making the charts fast and those were in her own style.

Yashwanth and Saranya acted as the dad and mom of the child. They expressed their feelings of ignoring the child and crying for the loss very well. They were good.

Special performer of the team was Sounder. I know him for the past 4 years. He was the only character which has humor as well as arrogance. His timing sense and the funny side of him added more fuel to the show especially in the scene he was beaten by the police. Kudos sounder.

Sowmya and Mahendran were little bit nervous in taking the role first but they played very well. Sowmya added the Mom character’s attributes and Mahendran who played the police role framed the opening scene which describes the character of the child.

Siddharth – Sasi – Priya – Jhananee were co-operative. Though they took a small role as supporting characters and they displayed a decent performance. I wish to give a notice of their attitude of standing with a team even if they get a smaller role or so.

From the director’s point of view I’ve portrayed my team’s performance as much as I can. I never revealed the script here as it is indispensible according to the situation.

Some of the beauties of our Play are: We never named any character except the lead role. We never took any rehearsal and that was a live on stage performance – everyone took their part on their own, we selected a single music for the entire play such that the music went well with all feelings in all situations. Finally, we were appreciated as the Good performers.

Apart from taking pride over the act, we made so many mistakes and learnt from those mistakes. We learnt about Team work, co-operation, easiness and acceptance of team’s idea and so on…

We were happy, contented, and high, in tune as much as possible. As a final point, we had a Great day, we had a Great team and more important we now have Good Friends.

February 12, 2013

Soul mate- The Best Friend Ever

The World is Simple; it’s miserable and solid… Solid, all the way through but If you can fool it even for a second you can make wonders…

As I did;

I was Alone, in the mornings i wake, I sit and stare.

I think upon my thoughts, I cry out but no one hears, I pray to be loved, I try to understand why, Alone I feel afraid I am unwanted, I want to be someone else to share my secrets!

I sing a sweet song and watch over my shadow.

I wish for good things to come and hope for the bad to go away
I pray to survive as if I may not survive!

On a fine day, I was, as usual, Alone!

My heart jumped out. It was swimmingly shouting. I asked why it is jumping all around. It wanted me to hear something about a soul!

My heart voiced about a congenial soul that can be my Soul mate…

I was astonished.

My heart heard a story, without my knowledge! I never believed. After confabulating a lot, it started.

“I know a Super Hero, a Perfect one to accompany you to overcome your pain and struggles!” I am calling this a confession but I think it’s more likely that this is my way of getting my head around everything that has taken place in, with the feelings, with the wanting and wishing. You have no idea how much I wish I could be the person you want me to be, how I wish I could be the loyal person you need, how much I wish my life had been different so I could be with you, so I could show you how crazy I am to spend time with you”

“The soul was a boy lived with me very closely for 4 Years. Even now, it’s just the distance that meant he is away from me.

He is one of those unorthodox characters I’ve ever seen. He is unique in his own ways. You can’t judge him so easily. It’s like sometimes you think he’ll act highly responsible and he totally acts opposite or vice versa. That’s him!

He was my friend, a good friend, a very good friend, a very close friend and sometimes a very bad enemy too.

The Mixed relationship has something more than Normal. There will be more learning, more understanding and of course, as usual, Happy Endings.

We had a good start and gradually he gained lots and lots of acquaintances which consequently turned into good friendship. I don’t know what made him close. We were so close and we had silly arguments and lots of fun!

He got a very high potential, He often says that I am his Inspiration. But the Amount of talent and attitude he has, he must not consider me as an inspiration.  There are so many to say. Some of his tasks are highly impossible for a normal person.

Though he has minuses, the way he comes back after a defeat, the learning hunger, the passion to improve and equip himself he has so that he can even be taken as a role model…

A Role Model!  He could lead you!

That’s the conclusion of the heart about the congenial soul.

The word “Leadership” triggers a variety of meanings in each individual varying from the contributions made by heroes from the pages of history to simple acts of heroism displayed in routine and mundane affairs encountered in daily lives. Truly it is often misunderstood than understood by most individuals. This often leaves a vague impression on what Leadership is and one is often unclear as to what it entails in their respective area of influence especially at workplaces. Why should this guy lead me?  Why should I have to be this?

I was totally confused. I asked what I could do for that.

Life has multiple dimensions; why not Human beings…

My heart said,” Everyone need a Hero to solve problems. Go to that guy and Talk, He'll solve yours” and it was about to jump in.

Before it could get in I asked “who is that?”

It said “Go and See the Mirror”

Yes. Everyone has a hero within. Bringing out the hero is the best way to come out of Any struggles and that could happen when we speak to ourselves!

January 10, 2013

Existence of God

The happiness in giving a piece of mind with what we learnt has no words to express.

And Every time I start, I start with the Name of Almighty, I never mind whoever the Almighty is, until I started to list out what kind of things I do.

1+1 =2,

It is the truth and universally accepted math. But, my question is “HOW?”
This has no answer or even so many own versions of answers,

Who is this God?

So, “Who is God?” is one of the questions that fall into the same category.

Now, I am writing this and you are reading this.  Why? Or may be how?

Can you believe that the exam I wrote before 5.5 years is one of the reasons why you are reading this right now!

Yes, let me explain. I joined my college through Single Window system with a decent cut-off. In my HSC - Chemistry Exams, for a mcq, I marked option A and later, changed it to B, but the correct answer was A. This happened 5 years before.

If I had not changed the answer, I would’ve got a 0.25 increase in cut off; with which I would’ve got a seat in some other college, where I may not come here or I may not even started writing articles. So and So On…….

But, I didn’t mean that is the only reason; I mean this is one of the reasons, why you are reading this. This is from my point of view and it may vary and there would be a better story from thy side like this.

Thus, I justify “Each and Every Second in the world, Every Action and Every Occurring is coincided, every action is a consequence of another action”.

This Concept is Called “The Chaos theory – Butterfly Effect” or Simply “Sensitive dependence of initial conditions” – I am not going to explain the Chaos theory part here. I have just applied the concept in Human Behavior and Life!

There is an example, A Good one to Say.

It is the Dasavatharam Movie, by which I actually learnt this concept. The Line is, ‘Ten Kamal Hassans’ take place in a chase to make that virus dissolve into the Tsunami. If one Kamal is missed or delayed or even advanced, the story will not be completed that way. This is the best example I can give.

If Bush Stops the Flight, The virus wouldn’t have come to India. If there is No Fletcher, Hero could’ve gone to the FBI. If there is No Avatar Singh, Fletcher would’ve come out of the Chennai Airport. Each and every one has roles. Similarly we do have roles in our life.
Dear reader, Just Think, Where is God here? Do you really thing God has made you read this at present! No!

It is the System! Facts, Changes and Life Style!

It is clear that everything is coincidental! Where is God in this sequence?

If everything is linked and coincidental, here comes a question, where is it started, who started this and who designed this system?

That gives a good point to say ‘God may exist’!

I place 3 requests in front of you before you proceed (i) No Offense should be shown till you complete reading till the Last (ii) This is my own adage and Sorry if anyone is hurt (iii) Refer Google to Get more details about the quoted texts that comes behind.

So what is the Definition of God?

To begin with, Hinduism – The definition of God in the Sacred Scriptures and Vedas says,
God has No Parents – No Image – No Structure – No one can see him [Upanishads - Chapter 6 Verse 9 and Chapter 4 Verse 20]

God is Unborn! [Gita Chapter 7 verse 20 and Chapter 10 Verse 3]

God has No Prathima that is No Image – No statue [Yadhur Veda Chapter 32 Verse 3]

Also Rig Veda Book 1 -  Hymn 164 - Mantra 46!

Surprisingly, According to Islam,

God is Only One – Eternal – Unborn – No Images of him – Power over Everything - No Parents – Nothing is like him – No one can see him - Ya Allah! [From Light of Sacred Scriptures – Islam, Chapter 112, Verse 124]

Also, Islam declares that “The Creator – The Protector and The Destroyer” are the same!!! (P.S: Thanks to Dr. Zakir Naik) And this is what Islam says about The Almighty.

I did not focus on Christianity, Buddhism or other religions.

I am completely shaken to see that the Explanation/Definition of God is the same in both Hinduism and Islam! Even so many saints, siddhas, even some movies say that God is One and All religions are the same like stuff; I was surprised to see it literally.

Another Question rose; if the God is same as per the above mentioned Explanations of Hinduism and Islam,

Where this Discrimination, Religion and Caste do came from? Did God say anything about the religion? Did God say anything that “They are Superior and they are Inferior?” No!

It is clear that the religion caste separation and all comics are man-made.

As per the Older scripts, I declare that The God is One and the Only One who fits to all definitions mentioned earlier. So, there can be One God. All the others are just illusions or Man-made Gods.

The ultimate thing is the mystery involved in the creation of world. Some say it is created by God and some display it as the Big Bang Theory. These are all just cooked up stories unless proven. And this question remains unanswered.

Now, I have two unanswered questions which determine which side I am.

What I try to say is, I have two sides to go now, one is a believing side and the other is the Atheists’ side.
I have furnished my support to the Atheist side in the former passage by explaining the sensitive dependence of Initial conditions of the Complex Systems is the root for everything happening.

And to the believer side, in the latter passage, by the words of sacred scripture, I gave a clear definition for who is God? Now, I have the dilemma in being a believer or an atheist as the mystery in creation of world is yet to be solved. According to me, these stories are just imaginations and the big bang theory too is a possible way but not the exact way!

So, the two conclusions I have arrived at are: 1. everything in this universe is coincidental and there is No Need of God! 2. If God really exist, God is only one (But Which one? Is the biggest question that can’t be answered)

To make it as a Single conclusion, I have to combine this two.

I hate the discrimination, religious separation, and un-touch-ability and so on which are created by the name of God. I hate those sub divisions. I hate hearing those Men made stories of God which do not have any base script or even proof of existence. I blame all the discrimination, super-heroics of the so called God.

To be clear, I believe in God. Not the man-made stories of God!

There is something that decides everything to happen at perfect times to run this world. And I believe that the “something” may be THE GOD, whoever it may be.

Nasrudheen Shah
Author/Administrator – Just a Way to Express